The English School for GirlsKuwait



The English School for Girls believes that all children are entitled to educational opportunities.


The English School for Girls focuses on providing education to students who have demonstrated a desire to learn. As outlined in our prospectus we foster the intellectual, moral, physical and social development of all our students.


Classes at The English School for Girls are limited to no more than thirty students. The actual enrolment of the school is limited by available classroom and playground space.

Students from Year 1 to Year 11 sit an entrance exam which assists us in assessing the student’s ability and where they would best be enrolled. Students are not refused entry on race, religion or physical characteristics.

All applicants must establish their age and their eligibility to register in a foreign school.

Before any student can be enrolled all official documentation required by the Ministry of Education must be completed (please refer to our Registration package).

In order to manage the administration of enrolment, a non-refundable fee for service is required at registration.