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Facilities at ESG


ESG provides buses for students from a very large area of Kuwait. Students are accompanied by a dedicated person on the buses to ensure their safety. The buses we provide are small (around 20 seats) and are no more than 3 years old. They are air-conditioned.

Most bus routes ensure the students are picked up and delivered home within one hour of school starting and finishing.

The drivers are experienced and their phone numbers are available to parents in case of emergency. New bus routes can be organised if there is a minimum of 5 students requiring bus transportation. If you want to know more about specific bus routes, please contact the school office.

Sporting facilities

At ESG our students are encouraged to participate fully in the PE activities and to build their fitness levels and to develop team skills.

We have two playgrounds for our students; one specifically designed for our younger students in the Foundation years and Grades 1 and 2, and one larger playground suitable for the Primary and Secondary students. There are facilities for the students to play basketball and football, as well as many other sporting activities.


ESG has a canteen which is open every break time. Students could bring their own food from home. We do encourage students to eat healthy food through the awareness letters and news.

Science labs

We have 3 science laboratories purpose built for biology, physics and chemistry. These are located on the second floor and used by secondary science students.

Libraries, Books and Resources

ESG is well resourced and is able to provide a wide range of reading material and workbooks for your daughter. We encourage students to read a wide range of material to broaden their knowledge and to gain fluency in their English (spoken, written and in reading).

There are two libraries in the school. One is specifically designed for Primary students and the other is purpose built for secondary students.

Primary students are encouraged to take their reading book home and to practice reading every night. ESG provides a wide range of books to students, but they remain school property, and are returned at the end of each school year. This allows the school to build a large resource bank.

We request that parents and students respect the books and treat them as you would any valuable resource.

Open Door Policy

We believe that parents and the school must work in partnership to provide the best education for the students. We offer a variety of opportunities for parents to communicate with the school. We encourage parents to make appointments to visit the Principal or the appropriate staff to discuss concerns or issues, or to celebrate successes.

Being a girls’ school with many Islamic students, we do have some restrictions to entering the actual school premises. However we provide regular opportunities such as Parent Days, Parent Interviews, and Open Days where parents can find out more about their daughter’s learning, and see their work displayed.