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Key Stage two classes at The English School for Girls follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales (commonly called the British Curriculum)

Literacy and Numeracy lessons are planned using the new Frameworks of the National Curriculum. The foundation subjects are taught in a cross curricular way wherever possible following the National Curriculum schemes of work. The children are taught in single age classes. Learning is cooperative, and paired or group work we see as important in maximizing the learning opportunities for all our Key Stage 2 students.

Attainment has a high priority and is achieved through highly qualified staff trained to teach the National Curriculum whist maintaining a child centered approach. We plan lessons rigorously and each includes learning objectives which may be skills or understanding based. We plan lessons to accommodate different learning abilities, different intelligences and prior learning. We work with the children individually to set targets. Your child will always be aware of the next steps in his or her learning. We teach independent learning skills to prepare them for lifelong learning.

ICT is a vital area of the curriculum. All children have access to the ICT suites and classrooms all have data projectors. We use these tools to enhance teaching and learning, to motivate and develop children’s ICT skills.

The progress your children make is monitored carefully by the teacher through ongoing, continuous teacher assessments. We expect all children to attain a certain level by the end of each year. Progress is tracked carefully to insure this will be maintained. All children take optional SATS at the end of the academic year to give a standardized indicator of progress. Key stage 2 SATS are taken at the end of Year 6.

We offer specialist teaching in Art, PE and ICT.

Successful children are happy confident children. Fundamental to this is the partnership between parent and school. You are warmly welcomed to participate in school activities when appropriate. Parents are welcome to speak to staff on any issues.

Key Stage 2 parents guide

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