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This Key Stage covers Years 10 and 11 – the final years of secondary education at English School for Girls. There are core subjects which every student must take, and a range of optional subjects, where the students can choose 4:

Core subjects

Optional Subjects

The curriculum and methodology we use is based on the requirements of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, commonly known as the British Curriculum, with some modifications recognizing that we are a school in the Middle East.

Students will work towards their IGCSE exams which are the culmination of two years study.

All subjects are taught following the guidelines of the National Curriculum, and at the end of Year 11 students will all sit IGCSE exams in the subjects they have chosen. This allows each individual student to measure themselves against students in England and Wales, and in British International Schools all over the world, but more importantly allows us, as a school, to benchmark ourselves and the levels our students achieve, against these schools.

IGCSE exams are used as a benchmark for acceptance into many universities around the world.

Student Handbook

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